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This a community for people's songs they have made themselves or with their bands. Rock Share is a great place to hear new music from unsigned bands, and also for the people in these bands to recieve feedback from others. The goal of this community is to make a constructive venue for artists to learn from listeners.

Another goal of this community is to help you, the recording artist, create an INTERNATIONAL SUPERGROUP. By this, I mean if you've recorded an MP3 of your song, yet were unable to find a drummer (or any musician for that matter), post your uncompleted MP3s and say what you need. Perhaps the instrumentalist you're looking for would like to record his own instrument onto your recording. Therefore, it would be possible to have a song in which you played guitar and sang, some guy in Nebraska played Bass, a drummer in London played drums, and a DJ in Japan remixed it! Thus, you get an INTERNATIONAL SUPERGROUP.

There are only a few rules, because we all know rules blow shit. Here they are:

-Songs posted must be original. It must be by your band or just you (if your the Trent Reznor type)
-Songs must be ROCK songs. That means there must be a distorted guitar in it. Industrial is still rock. NO POP PUNK, NO EMO. Rap is cool to...as long as you're not a 50 Cent ripoff.
-This isn't a rule but rather a recomendation for your own benifeit. Give links to a page that will STREAM your songs. Direct links tend to jitter and do crazy shit if you don't have broadband.
-Critques ideally will contain an equal number of positive and negative comments. However, if the poster feels like it, they can say "Give it to me straight." In this case, don't come crying to me if someone tells you that you suck.
-Do NOT promote your gigs here. This community is not large enough for people from the same part of the world to even go to your show. This community is about sharing music that can be instantly accessed, not something that requires a road trip.

And that's it! Have fun with it. If you like this community, please tell all your musician friends about it!
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