Rhymes With Possum (bedhoppngothboi) wrote in rockshare,
Rhymes With Possum

New Malice in Leatherland tunes UPLOADED

These tracks are going to be a part of our "[u]NOT[/u] a tribute to Depeche Mode" EP, and you can DL them here:

From Under the Floorboards is our reaction to having close friends, and once-loves turning on you. There's alot of cannibalism, and off kilter spunk. Not to say that spunk isn't on kilter or anything. Eh, the spunk is definetly on your face!

Send More Paramedics is our tribute to Return of the Living Dead and Emerson... It's about murdering puritanical yuppy twats!

Anyhow, I must get ready to sleep soon.... I haven't since I started recording these!!

~ Basim
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